Hike Brothers (Adventures) was founded in 2018 by two young adventurers for their love for mountains and Uttarakhand. Being brothers the two young adventurers named it  “Hike Brothers”.

Hike Brothers is not just an adventure organization but an organization with a two-way vision.

  • A vision of catering to the problems of unemployment and migration in Uttarakhand.
  • Conducting learning-based adventures for people living in cities.

Through various adventure activities like Trekking, Adventure Camping, Experiential Learning Tour Cultural Tour and Mountain biking we strive to full fill this vision.

Our Vision at Hike Brothers also strive to

  • Explore new local destination in Uttarakhand to promote and preserve local culture.
  • Educate masses about preserving the environment and developing a sense of responsibility towards nature through various cultural and experiential learning tour.
  • Educate masses in outdoor to bring them close to nature, develop skills for lifelong learning through the various experiential learning program.

Why choose us?

High Safety Standards:

We use top-rated equipment for all adventure activities. Our team always carry all the medical equipment i.e. Oxygen cylinder, stretcher, medical kit etc to ensure the safety of our clients.

Qualified Team:

Our adventure activities are led by a team of well experienced and qualified adventurers.

Responsible Tourism:

We always ensure that we keep the Himalayas clean by following our Green Himalayas policy.

First Aid Wilderness:

Our team is lead and instructed by our founders, who are certified mountaineers and certified First Aid Wilderness Responder.