Best Weekend Treks in the Himalayas around Delhi

A trekking adventure could prove to be the perfect break from the monotony of daily life. As it rejuvenates you with stunning views of the mighty Himalayas. So, choose your spot wisely and make the most of your weekend holiday. The list below covers some of the best weekend treks near Delhi.

Chopta Chandrashilla Trekbest weekend trek - Chopta CHandrashilla Trek

Uttarakhand is home to some of the most beautiful trekking places near Delhi. Chopta Chandrashilla trek is the perfect representative of that beauty.

The trek begins from Chopta which is set up at an easy distance of a little over 400 km from Delhi. The Sharp ascent of this trek, takes about 3 to 4 hours, before leading you to the highest Shiva temple. This temple is at least 1000 years old.

Located at an altitude of about 12000 ft, the Chandrashilla peak is the high point of this trek.

The trekking season for this trek is on throughout the year. However, visiting during late Autumn and Winter is a riveting experience.

Deoria Tal Trek- One of the best weekend treks in UttarakhandDeoria Tal - Best weekend trek near Delhi

This trek is famous for Deoria Tal lake that is also called the lake of reflection. The crystal clear surface of the lake reflects the magnificent Chaukhamba peaks.

Lush green meadows, dense forest surrounds this lake with the mighty Himalayan peak in the background. Such sight invokes a sense of soothing scenic beauty. 

Being one of the easiest places to trek near Delhi, this trek is particularly suited for beginners.

Patangniya Top TrekPatangniya Top Trek - Best weekend trek near Delhi

Located near the picturesque hamlet of Chirbatiya, in the Gharwal Himalayas, Patangniya Top Trek is one of the best weekend treks from Delhi. The hamlet of Chirbatiya is an integral part of the Badrinath pilgrimage route.

This trek is full of adventure with sights of forest trails covered with rhododendron trees, lush green meadows and tiny lake with the Himalayas in the backdrop. The spectacular view of these breathtaking Gharwal Himalayan peaks will surely leave you astonished for months.

The easy accessibility of this trek from Delhi makes it a popular choice among trekking enthusiasts.

Prashar Lake Trek –  One of the best weekend treks in Himachal

Prashar Lake - Best weekend trek near Delhi

This trek is one of the foremost tourist attraction in Himachal Pradesh. As the highlight of this trek is the brilliantly blue Prashar lake.

In winters, this lake is strenuously glassy and completely frozen. The extraordinary sight of this peculiarly tranquil lake, surrounded with toweringly fierce Dhauladhar ranges, will leave you awestruck. Another gem of architectural excellence, on this trek, is the temple of Prashar Rishi.

Offering a phenomenal outdoor adventure, this has undoubtedly become one of the most sought after weekend trek near Delhi.

Deoban Trek

Deoban trek - Best weekend trek near Delhi

Just a few hours of trekking and you will find yourself immersed in the majestic mountainous range of Garhwal Himalayas. Such is the beauty of this trek.

One of the best weekend trek near Delhi, this trek goes right through the Deoban Forest. This forest is enveloped with Deodar trees on all sides and takes you to the height of 9,279 ft, where the riveting view of various summits await you.

You will be able to see mountains such as Mt Bandarpoonch, Mt Srikanth, the Gangotri massif, Mt Nanda Ghunti and even Mt Nanda Devi, which is the tallest mountain in India.

This moderately difficult trek is about 19.2 km long. So, to cover this distance it usually takes at least two days.

The Deoban trek is a true pleasure for seasoned trekkers, but with a little preparation, even beginners can attempt it with ease.

Sainj Valley Trek

sainj valley -   Best weekend trek near Delhi

Situated at a distance of 480 km, Sainj Valley trek is one of the most easily accessible and gorgeous weekend treks near Delhi. This trek takes you through the Great Himalayan National Park, which is a UNESCO world heritage site.

The trek starts at the magnificent meadows surrounded by Pine trees and picturesque mountain valleys. These meadows are so beautiful,  that you can compare them with any meadows in India.  Then the trail takes you through a dense forest full of the ringing bird, which finally opens with a picturesque view of the Sainj Valley.

The valley remains cool and wet, pretty much all year long. So, it is better to take a look at the weather forecast before you make any plans. Usually, the months of April and May provide the most awesome season for trekking on this trail.

Brighu Lake Trek

chandranahan lake- Best weekend trek near Delhi

The mesmerizing trail of this high-altitude trek will lead you to the calm and perfectly transparent Bhrigu lake. It is the place where the famous saint Maharishi Bhrigu meditated.

Apart from the lake, this trek is known for its unending picturesque meadows. These meadows follow you throughout the trek and offer a magnificent view of Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar range of mighty Himalayas. Along the way, you will also encounter Hanuman Tibba and Seven Sisters peaks as well.

Chandranahan Trekchandranahan lake

Residing in the remote Pabbar Valley, at a height of about 14000 ft, the astoundingly beautiful specimen of nature stands in the form of Chandranahan lake. It serves as a source to the PabbarRiver.

The trek begins from a small village, named Janglik. Comparably less explored by trekkers, the route of Janglik is full of alpine forests, wildflowers and verdant grasslands.

As the level of difficulty of this trek is easy to moderate, you can tag along with your friends and family with you.

Nag Tibba Trek – A gem among weekend treksnag tibba trek-

One of the best weekend treks near Delhi is the 9915 ft high trek of Nag Tibba. This trek offers a short, two-day, adventure in the vicinity of the scenic Himalayas throughout the year. On top of that, the trek is easy, in terms of technicalities of the climb.

The trek starts from Pantwari village and goes right through the dense canopy of the Deodar forests after 2 hours of trek. On reaching the summit of this trek, you will witness popular peaks such as Swargarohini, Bandarpoonch, Srikanth, Black peak and many more. 

The total distance of the trek about 16 km. Hence, it is perfect for beginners.

Kareri Lake TrekKareri Lake Trek

This easy-to-moderate, three-day trek has an altitude of 9,650 Ft. It covers a total distance of about 26 km and set up in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.

The trek is enveloped in lush green alpine meadows and fabricated by the gushing streams emerging from the Minkiani peak.

Offering the most spectacularly scenic trail in all of Himachal, Kareri Lake trek has become one of the best weekend treks near Delhi.

The verdantly green meadows, artistic villages, and traditional temple of Lord Shiva, all add their charm to the trek. You are likely to encounter some rare bird species on this trail, so equip yourself with a camera in hand.

Going through the above list of places to trek near Delhi, you must be finding it hard to resist the urge to plan your next weekend trekking trip. But making up the mind is not enough.

If you want to enjoy some of the more challenging treks on this list, better start preparing your body a bit. And then you will be able to experience the true thrill of full-blown trekking adventure.

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