Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, all tourist destinations including the Valley Of Flowers were closed in March this year. But slowly as everything is opening up, the tourism industry is also reviving. 

Here is a trek review documented by Sindhu of Deoria Tal Chopta Chandrashilla Trek during winters.

Winter is the season when we think the Himalayas roar with heavy snowfall, and is inaccessible. The general perception is that it’s not the right time to visit these beautiful mountains.

Monsoon is the time of the year when the Himalayas are vibrant with heavy spells of rain. As a result, most of the destinations are closed. But the Valley Of Flowers is among those rare destinations which are open in monsoon. 

Few people are aware of mountaineering institutes and career in mountaineering in India. This is because people consider it a risky and less lucrative career. But over the years, mountaineering and trekking have grown highly in India. Due to which more career opportunities developed in this field.

A trekking adventure could prove to be the perfect break from the monotony of daily life. As it rejuvenates you with stunning views of the mighty Himalayas. So, choose your spot wisely and make the most of your weekend holiday. The list below covers some of the best weekend treks near Delhi.

One of the key attractions of monsoon treks is the rare amalgamation of unfamiliar adventure and surreal landscapes. An opportunity to witness the fantastical elements of nature is what drives audacious individuals towards monsoon trekking.

The summers are here already. Have you made any vacation plans yet? If not, this is your opportunity to plan a trekking adventure in one of the treks in the Himalayas.

In a warm country like ours, winter is true bliss. The pristine snow, frozen water bodies, and snow-covered mountains can take your breath away. It is the time of the year that makes you itchy for winter treks.

Nag Tibba Trek is the perfect weekend option for people living in and around Delhi to start their amazing journey of exploring mountains.

Though there are also other weekend trek options near Delhi, Nag Tibba trek beats them all. Wondering how? Here are the reasons why Nag Tibba is a great weekend trek near Delhi.

Kashmir is host to best monsoon treks in India and Tarsar Marsar Trek is among them. Tarsar Marsar Trek is so beautiful that it beats all treks in its beauty. From day one of the trek when you enter Aru, you feel as if in heaven. You are amidst, lush green pine forest, gushing Lidder River glittering in its milky colour and beautiful huts of the village. Throughout the trek, you are enthralled with such beauty. Not only this, in the latter days of the trek the beauty climbs its peak when you are at the charming lakes.