How To Productively Work From Home In Times of Coronavirus (Covid-19)
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Coronavirus pandemic has forced the whole world to shut down workplaces. And everybody is bound to maintain social distancing. So, today most of us are working from home, which has become the new normal. But many of us find it difficult to productively work from home. As we struggle to manage work and family chores at the same time.

So, I am sharing a few tips in this blog which will help you to productively work from home.


Start your day with meditation(Yoga) and do intense exercise in the later part of the day

do meditaation while work from home

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Before starting your work it is essential to balance your inner energies and prepare mentally for the day ahead. This can be achieved by doing meditation and yoga.

Meditation brings clarity to your mind and improves your productivity. If you practice it regularly it will make you calm and help in better decision making. Which is very important when you work from home. As you are not used to working while your family is around.

On the other hand, if you practice yoga exercises for 10-15 minutes, it will energize your whole body. And you start your work with full efficiency. 

Apart from this you also need to exercise intensely after working for long hours. Exercising reduces stress and releases dopamine hormones. This hormone keeps you energetic and motivated. You can choose any time slot as per your convenience.


Eat light and raw food more – Like fruits, vegetables, juices


eat fruits and vegetables to improve productivity
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Whether you are at home or office or any part of the world, eating right is essential. Especially when you work from home.

While working from home you are spending the whole day in a small space compared to the office. So, you don’t get to move around much. 

In such a situation if you don’t work on eating habits then it leads to an increase in weight, laziness, and decreased productivity. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Try to eat them in their raw form as much as possible because once you cook them they lose their enough nutrients.

Start your day with eating fruits (including dry fruits), or sprouts. It makes you feel light and active, which increases your efficiency. Then as the day resumes you can add more vegetables and juices to your plate.

But make sure you don’t fill your stomach completely, leave it a little bit empty. Also avoid any junk food and other items, which makes you feel uneasy. 


Designate a workspace to manage distractions to productively work from home


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Work from home becomes a tricky task as there are lots of distractions at home. To avoid distractions you need to designate a dedicated workspace, where you will be doing all office work. 

Choose any space in your home and convert it into a workstation with laptop and other office supplies. Sitting in this space sends clear signals to your brain and family members that it’s time to focus on work. Make sure to stay away from the workspace when you are not working. 


Work in short bursts and take a regular break in between


There is enough scientific evidence that working in short spells improves mind productivity levels. When you do so, you give enough time to your brain to relax and it helps you to start work afresh with increased focus.

Our brain works like a muscle. When you exercise, your muscles get tired and need a break to rejuvenate. Similarly, the brain needs regular brakes to work with full efficiency.

So, make sure when you work from home you work in short spells. You can work for 45-60 min and then take a 10-15 min break.


Involve yourself in house activities


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Working for prolonged hours at the same place for almost 24×7, can make you feel bored and stressed. Especially during these coronavirus times when you don’t have many options of hanging out. 

So, to avoid being bored and stressed, you can involve yourself in various house activities. Cook delicious food. Help your partner or family members in cleaning home. Involve yourself in gardening work. Play games with your children or parents. 

This will not only engage you but will also help you in learning new things.


If possible, spend some time in nature


spend time in nature while you work from home
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Spending some time in nature makes you feel alive, full of energy, and brings calmness inside you.

When you walk barefoot on lush green grass, hear birds chirping, see flowers blooming and animals jumping with trees all around, you feel blissful and appreciate life.

So, to break away from the monotony of work, get close to nature. You can spend time in your garden or take a brisk walk in the park near your home. 

If you don’t have any of these options then try to make a small garden space in your balcony or terrace or any open area. Sit there for some time after your work and always maintain it by adding more plants. 


Socialize and communicate with your family


socialize with family
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Working from home can make you feel lonely as you are not meeting many people. Your interaction with the outside world minimizes. This can affect your productivity at work as well as disturb you mentally. 

To avoid this you need to socialize as much as possible. Talk with your family members and the people around you.

Get connected to your colleagues and friends over video calls. Discuss daily issues on social media ( don’t overdo it).

These were the few tips to productively work from home which you can implement in your daily routine. Initially start with one or two tips and then slowly add all to your routine.


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